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A study for the Department for Education found students who did two to three hours of homework per night were times more likely to achieve five good .

It’s could be the teacher pupil ratio it could be the lack of standardised testing it could be the more relaxed approa

My kids get homework every weekday.

but it s not a big amount. Mostly reading and math. •. I keep seeing the statement that there s no homework in Finland .

Finland Nordic education is often held up as a shining example of best practices. Students are given a great deal of freedom.

can pursue interests.

and teachers are held up as

The truth about Finland’s great schools Yes

kids do get homework
and no.

they didn’t stop teaching individual subjects The Washington Post Advertisement

What is happening in Finland says much about those that believe that homework has no rules to play in the development of

But are they good students Even without doing

of Finnish students graduate from high school


in the US. Of course.

not having

FREE to create.

use and share. No credit card required. I believe the purpose of education is to provide children with a wide range of knowledge that will lead .

To begin with.

Finnish schools teach kids hours a week days a year.

unlike most Indian schools
which have a teaching time per week

The results showed that in Shanghai.

China the students had the highest number of hours of homework. per week. Russia followed.

where students had an average. of homework per .

There ’s No Homework in Finland . Students For The Future.

read Listen. Share. Finland What is an MBA Student is Really Looking For.

To begin with.

Finnish schools teach kids hours a week days a year.

unlike most Indian schools
which have a teaching time per week on average Finnish children do

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But ultimately
the best replacement for homework is

a parent or caregiver’s attention “Spend time with them and see them as people At school

they operate as a herd

and as hard as

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To maintain a high quality of life

here are three things we never do 1 We don’t compare ourselves to our neighbors There ’s a famous line by a Finn
se onnen .

Is There No Homework In Finland.

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The Finnish Education System..

children enter education at a later age than in many countries. They start school at and believe that “starting children in school before they’re naturally developmentally ready has no scientifically proven long term advantage”.. to
Finnish school children can attend day care .

US analysis of research found that
for children aged.

there was no link between homework and improved academic achievement Photograph iStock

Finland is

no doubt.

one of the best countries to study So

let’s check out some of the rankings that the country has received Finland is th most educated country in the world. In Education ranking by Countries.

Finland has a total score 631K ranking rd position Finland has the highest ranking in High School

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